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Community Paint Scheme

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Eco Waste has launched a new FREE Community Paint scheme which enables anybody to donate or pick up paint; anyone from an individual to community group or recognised charity.

If tins of paint are sent to landfill the toxic chemicals they contain can contaminate the ecosystem. The scheme has been created to minimise the amount of paint that is being sent to landfill but ultimately helping others in the community.

We accept many different types of paint (please find T’s & C’s below) which will be re-distributed to individuals, families, communities and charities in need. Eco Waste is constantly trying to find new methods of recycling and our new paint scheme is a great a method of boosting our recycling rates.

If your paint is listed in the accepted column please bring it down to Eco Waste and recycling!

  • Emulsion (water-based)
  • Vinyl matt + Vinyl Silk
  • Oil based (inclu. Gloss, eggshell & satin)
  • Undercoat masonry paint
  • Interior + Exterior tile paint
  • Varnish and Wood stains
  • Over half full
Not Accepted
  • Car Paint
  • Aerosols/Spray paints
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint over 10 years old
  • Paint containing lead
  • Paint not in original container
  • Paint thinners
  • Paint stripper
  • Wood treatments (e.g. creosote)
  • Hazardous Paints
  • Contaminated Paint

Storage Guidelines

  • When opening lids, do so carefully to avoid damaging the sealing ring.
  • Protect the paint from frost and extreme temperatures as these can damage the paint.
  • To stop your paint from drying out ensure the lid is on securely and tightly; tip the container upside down for a few seconds (this will help stop a skin forming on the paint

What to do with paint that is unable to be accepted

  • Paint must be dried out in order for it to be disposed of safely.
  • To dry out paint remove the lid and let the paint stand for a few days – this will solidify and become less hazardous.

TO SOLIDIFY: Add sawdust and then leave to dry (Alternatives = soil or sand). It is important to add enough so it’s stiff otherwise it will take ages to dry. !! DO NOT SOLIDIFY PAINTS WITH HIGH VOC’s !!(Volatile Organic Compound – when VOC’s are released into the atmosphere they react with other elements which cause air pollution and proven health problems.)

Collection of Paint

Paint Cans

If you would like to have a look at the range of paint that has been donated please call to arrange a visit.

Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions or queries!